Hi my name is Sue Reason, a passionate Artisan jewellery maker and lover of all things shiny!  I create beautiful Artisan Jewellery utilising many techniques, but I have the say the one I love the best is the ancient art of Chainmaille, which I love for its symmetry and flowing lines.

My other passions are Colour and Numerology. Colour has been with me since I was a small child when I realised I could not only see colour but feel it too! I love using Colour in creative ways and recently completed a Colour Healing course to broaden my knowledge of the more scientific aspects of what colour is all about and how it can be used.

Numerology has been a revelation to me. The influence of numbers in our lives and the fact that they have corresponding colours was so exciting to me, I had to learn more, and I am constantly studying and researching the many insights which can be gained through combinations of the numbers related to our dates of birth and our name at birth.

When I am not designing and making jewellery or creating Numerology and Colour reports, I love to spend time in nature. It lifts my spirits and gives me the opportunity to quieten my mind and find some peace and inspiration too.

This website is designed to interest, inspire and uplift the viewer.

Enjoy the journey with me