Why are you drawn to some Colours and definitely avoid others?  Do you feel calm in Blue? Agitated in Red?  Understanding the power of Colour and its affects on us physically, mentally and emotionally are vital for our health and wellbeing.  Would you like to know more?

The use of Colour in our everyday lives is vital to our very existence. Whether we are dressing to impress, decorating the office to increase productivity or creating a relaxing environment in our home, Colour is the key to success in all these areas and more.

From enjoying a relaxing session of Colour therapy to creating our own solarised Coloured water or choosing to eat a healthy mix of different Coloured foods there are many ways in which Colour can be used to support our bodies and minds to be the best they can.

From a spiritual perspective, bringing pure light into the chakra systems in our bodies creates a healthy supply of life supporting energy for our organs and tissues.
Healing rays of Colour are active on our planet, something we can learn to tap into through meditation or connecting with specific Archangels to bring about healing, balance and protection and so much more.

Trinity33Creations offer one day introductory workshops tailored to suit your needs. Where we talk about the history, science and different applications of Colour for healing and wellbeing and through experiential exercises introduce individuals to the energies and vibrations of Colour.