Although I am not affiliated to any Religion I am a Spiritual Seeker and I Love to Pilgrimage to Sacred Places . Sue made me a beautiful Red Rosary imbued with Reiki Healing which I now use for prayer at these powerful sites and also for my meditations and prayers at home. I have many beautiful pieces of Sue’s jewellery which are so much than a fashion accessory. Sue can also personalise the pieces through her spiritual practise of Numerology and Colour therapy as well as her Healing Intentions, which she did for my Rosary. They also make wonderful gifts and I really value the work, healing and Inspiration that embody these unique collections."

Pamela YoungLancashire

 I was so thrilled to receive a personal numerology report recently as a gift from a very close friend. It was absolutely fascinating, really thought provoking and certainly relevant in terms of the recent challenges and experiences in my life. I have been lucky enough to meet Sue on several occasions and was aware that she was tuned into the vibrations of colour and created beautiful jewellery, but I hadn’t realised that her special gifts included numerology. I do hope that Sue will come and give workshops at the Monastery in the future so she can share her gifts and talents with all of our spiritual friends who are interested in learning more about the resonance of colour and the significance of numbers in our lives."

Elaine GriffithsChief ExecutiveThe Monastery of St Francis & Gorton Trust

 From the beautiful Crystal Rosaries to the Archangel Healing bracelets which Sue has produced for myself and my friends, we have been impressed with the divine, angelic energy these pieces carry. With Sues strong passion for colour and her connection to Spirit, we all feel that the work she produces is both beautiful and important in connecting everyone who wears her pieces with the energy of love, healing and comfort. I also loved the Numerology report which Sue prepared for me. It was insightful, revealing and also confirmed in my mind some of things I already knew about myself. I think these reports are a great way to gain insights into the self which would otherwise remain hidden, sometimes for a life time, and also reinforce and bring to the surface, some of the silent whispers which can hear from our soul, but which we can sometimes choose to ignore."

Aidan StoreyAngelic Healer, Author, County Kildare, IrelandAidan Storey

 I met Sue and Simon at their Spiritualist event, and though I was very unwell on the day, I had a wonderful uplifting time and was fascinated by the interweaving of numerology and colour. Subsequently, a friend gave me a birthday present of one of Sue's Archangel Michael bracelets. I loved it so much, I asked if Sue would make me some matching earrings, which she very kindly did. Wonderful new company, worth following."

JoyceNorth West England

 Sue’s colour and numerology workshop was just what we were looking for, something different for our church to introduce to its members for personal development growth and interest. Quite frankly it was a most relaxing and rewarding day. Sue tailor made the day to suit the group it was an experience to remember. Every member of the group took part in an interactive and diverse session and experimented for themselves with colour. The numerology part was also just as rewarding each personal went away with the knowledge of their master number and an explanation of its meaning. As an introduction into the world of colour and numbers this interactive workshop was outstanding and I can highly recommend to anyone thinking of working with colour and numbers this is the one to start with. A massive thank you from the entire group ABSOLUTLEY AMAZING and FABULOUS."

Janet McManusHorwich National Spiritualist ChurchHorwich Spiritualist Church

 Sue’s intuition, insight and understanding just shines through the Numerology and Colour interpretations that she has done for me. There is such inspirational information, beautifully presented in a very artistic and professionally bound report; it has helped to clarify my thoughts, feelings and plans for my personal way forwards – this has been so useful in these darker times of 2020-2021 especially – and I find it useful to keep it on hand to dip back into. On initially opening it I found that Sue had not only interpreted the numerology associated with my life path, expression, soul and personality but had also delved into identity and core palette colours, which also really resonated with me. Her manner of writing and personal expression is very open, endearing, and straight from the heart; it is obvious that she has great talent and passion in this field. I was so pleased with mine that I ordered a further one for a very dear friend who was as equally delighted and impressed as I had been with mine. Thank you Sue!"

Kate FullerloveBowen Technique Practioner, Bridgnorth, ShropshireKate Fullerlove